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How to use one cookie dough to make Assorted Christmas Cookies

from the blog Eating and Living by happyzhangbo

Within this week, we have been making all kinds of Christmas cookies that are all super delicious and easy to make. We only made one Holiday Master Butter Cookie Dough, then we made six different kinds of cookies by using this absolutely delicious cookie dough. You can see how they look like, we just uploaded all the pictures in the afternoon. We love these cookies, and they all look cute, pretty and lovely.

Here are the links of these six cookie recipes:

Christmas Viennese Crescent Cookies

Christmas Petticoat Tails

Christmas Linzer Cookies

Christmas Mock Thumbprints Fruit Bars

 Christmas Mincemeat or Jam Turnover

 Christmas Chocolate and Butter Pinwheel Cookies

If you are still looking for Christmas Cookie recipes, why not try them; one dough makes six kinds of delicious buttery cookies that will definitely impress your family and friends!



posted about 4 years ago by happyzhangbo Eating and Living

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